How to Become a Successful Freelancer in Pakistan (2018)

How to Become a Sucessful  Freelancer in Pakistan (2018)
How to Become a Successful  Freelancer in Pakistan (2018)


Friends. . In my previous post, a couple of friends have focused on my freelancer, so you will get the post in that case. Insufficient I was thinking that there is no lack of talent in our country. There are a lot of young people, but there is no one to train and guide them. I look forward to what you have to do with my fault. Take a few minutes to serve as a FREELANCER IN PAKISTAN

Making Money From Freelance
 Pakistan is fourth in freelance

What is Freelance?

Freelance is a perennial work on the Internet, which gives you the wages to work online. Those people or companies of different countries who need transit related to different projects from different countries, bloggers, voice overrides, logo makers, web developers, designers or writers, etc. Post your job details on lending websites. The person who now specializes in this job, fulfills the work sitting at home and handles the company or person and takes money in return. The freelance workers are called Freelancer Jobs.

Why freelance?

Here is the question that why people work with the Internet, the answer is that if an American company needs a Urdu Transcript for any of its projects, if he calls a servant from Pakistan and the person's visa If the accommodation arrangements for food and salary, it will cost millions of rupees, while doing freelance, they do the same thing with a few money.

The other thing is that today people prefer freelance instead of working in the office, because it is easy to operate in the office rather than listening to time restrictions and owners' abuse.Apart from this, women who are not able to get out of homes, earn good money from freelance sitting at home.The world has become a Global Village. Everyone likes to work digitally. According to reports last year, Pakistan came fourth in freelancer, but there are still people who have many capabilities, but they do not know how to work. Let us tell you freelance How to get started.

Freelancer Jobs In Pakistan

There are so many freelance websites that have different rules and conditions.If you initially want to start work, first start free work on the upgrade, then when you experience it, other premium websites that can also work on free lens dots, fees, etc.

Essential things for freelancer

For freelance you must have a number computer or mobile, internet connection and a bank account.If you do not have a debit card or a bank account, read this article. Get a Debit Card sitting at home bank account Get free American bank account with a debit card.

Freelancer Sites In Pakistan


    First visit and create your account. I.e. write your email address name and address details and bank account etc. Your account will be updated within two days. Remember, write your skills, most of the skills, otherwise the upgrade will not accept your account. If there is a single time once again, then increase your skills again and then write down. After accepting the application, you are eligible to work on your work. But set your profile completely before you work, apply your original picture, if you have a Facebook ID and LinkedIn or website, then link it so that your identity is real. Write the details and capabilities of your portfolio, such as the people who are impressed and agree to work. You can apply only for thirty jobs every month in free service. Therefore, do not waste your connections, such as chances, to work just for that job.
    How to Become a Successful  Freelancer in Pakistan (2018)
    How to Become a Successful  Freelancer in Pakistan (2018)


    How to avoid fraud

    So fraudulent prospects are very low because the web site has a free credit card for both freelance and working clients, and when the work is complete, the work is done freelance from the client's account. Transfer to the account. Anytime you apply for a job, check whether the client's payment is verified or not.Charges Upgrade charges up to twenty percent of your fees - if you earn $ 10, you will get up to $ 2 and $ 8.


    Looking for work

    It is easy to find jobs on the job, for example, if you are a web designer, type the web design into a search by searching a web design or a web designing program. If you are skilled in any language such as Urdu, search Write the Urdu, you will get many tasks regarding Urdu. Apply for what you like now.


    How to apply

    When writing an application, please write the client before your introduction, city country etc.. Then refer to the details of your previous work, then give the client a reason why they should give you work - convince them that they should be impressed and give you work.

    Because many people are applying for this job and freelance is bidding. If the client posted a $ 50 job, people say that I'll do this for $ 60, now the second person offers himself forty dollars in this job. Thirty thirty, then thirty days later
    People in Chase Dollar also get the job. Increase your rating is a rating of Fifty Lancer that gives a good rating to your profile if a client likes your work.  

    Client does not work which has no rating. Therefore, freelance is difficult to get work at the beginning of the beginning. If you succeed in impressing one or two clients, then you will not have any problem with it. When your rating increases, you will also be able to work on paid wages. 

    There are also free lancers that charge two thousand rupees per hour. After that, if you like, by paying a monthly fee on other websites You can get good work, or get premium memberships instead of free work on the upgrade and get unlimited jobs, which have many benefits. You can also download your own experience certificates. And those certificates you can use to increase your rating on other freelance websites.  

    Freelance can also provide tests to increase the rating on the website - if you are good in English, mark the English language test on the right answer to the questions if your test is good if your rating is also good. Apart from this, small tasks such as if a client needs to create a number of logos and he has a budget of five dollars. 

    So you can not make it light in five minutes and increase your rating. Or suggest a good name for any company or business for her or her business if she likes it, she also gives you money from this IDEA You can also get good ratings, and even by small-page transit, you can increase your rating..

    Then you will get a good income sitting in a house..from remember if you want to make money online. ... Online Errors are Real and Genius 5 Methods 1. Freelance 2 Website 3. YouTube 4 Digital Marketing5. Online Online Services There are plenty of branches available in these five Methods. Each has a separate description. 

    If you want to earn online on a free basis and want to make your own profile, you can learn a scale and then Get Skills Officers Grip * 1 Freelance Mathematics is the best platform for all the professional and skilled professionals in the world, freelance means you give people the services they receive from them. Free Lancer is the most reliable and The best way to earn money is where freelancer earns money for his hard work The most profitable earnings in freelance services include head design graphics, video auditing, web designing and developer, app designing and developer, third day Max, Autodidact, Writing and Transition, audio video production etc.  

    There are no skill holders that you do not have any skills even though there are some ways you can earn freelance through blogging, write, write, transmit, or your voice is good. Or you can enter the data even if you can make a good monthly income. * 2 Web site If you want to earn it, it's a source of permanent and consistent income. You can create a good theme website, make it beautiful, design and maintain content on your regular basis.  

    The website can give you a good income * 3 you tube business is a good way to speak and you can give your personal content on any topic, then YouTube is a good option for you but to work on YouTube Patience testing requires patience and needs a lot of content and personal content (remember one thing about YouTube Stay there. YouTube's policies change laws and working on it may have a little patience for other Methods) * 4 Digital Marketing is the most famous and leading online shopping companies in Distance, or famous and rich people, they have been selling digital marketing meth Your digital marketing is the most affordable source of income worldwide. 70% of the total population of the entire world is connected to social media, to sell their products, or to sell anything or to sell anything For this, Best Digital Marketing is the e-mail address Tracking is also a Method to which the world understands that it is best to create felite marketing for it. * 5 Online Services God has no natural potential and has self-esteem, indeed it works for its own specific skills. Locker can earn good quality by pointing out his personality, but if you have the ability to speak and you can give a competitive speech. Or you are a specialist teaching instructor.  

    Or your voice is good and you can debate for someone. Or you can do audio editing. Or if you can do anything in your voice for your voice, you can make the best money. If you have so much confidence and ability to sell something else by trusting others, then many doors for you Are open and you can make a carrier. I will write a method and try my best. 

     There is no such thing except five of them. With which you can earn millions of thousands of people monthly or a few minutes later Become a web site or advertiser or anyone else to invoice on the website, if an advertiser says that work for ten and twenty minutes in a few months and bring ten twenty slaves and get a referral daily Click on AIDS or watch 50 websites or play games or watch videos and earn money. 

    Write in leaf and write five pages later, then there is no such way in the world. All such tasks are commonly fake fake and schemes. I would say that PTC, Aid cling, Ed paste, Captain Phil etc. etc., all such works are based on false false schemes and fraud There is a ghost to become a cradle leaf in a nighttime on the Pakistani people, so that fraudulent people succeed in fraud and run away from limestone.PTC, Ad Clicking, Add Posting Website If a person eat one hundred and fifty thousand rupees and speaks of being a genius and many dreams, then make sure that this work will be fake and defective. 

    Therefore, save God from yourself also, and save your friend's resources. Keep working hard and working hard to earn online. It is not even that in the first two days a turnout will begin or just not to work, the money will be going on. 

    The only way these are mentioned above are five method and their branches as they earn monthly good money. There are many Freelancer blogger, online marketers in Pakistan, who have been making a lot of money for many years..Free Lancer's distance is about November 2015. Twenty-two-year-old girl named Alex, was present in her apartment in New York's apartment. One day he arrived at his office, he found it transferred to another state.  

    The problem was problematic for Alex. She wanted to leave her mother in the Old Town or could leave the apartment alone. He did a strange decision but. He caught a paper pen "placed on the resign manager's desk and got out of the purse. Today she was feeling very light. On that day she went to two museums and got a panic.  

    When he returned home in the evening, he started thinking strangely. He thought that the job would not be going home now. Give her a thought. He went to the Internet and made his own account on a website Fiverr. 

    This friend told him a friend. Money could be earned by working from home. Alex used to work in a news agency 'he had crossed French in addition to English. He also made press releases 'also translated' even articles of articles used to comment on 'blogs also wrote' and also interviewed the main people. She made her own account on the web site and worked for five dollars.  

    The next morning he checked the account, a news agency sent a news that was to be prepared in case of press release. It was the left hand job. He did the job immediately and he earned five dollars in fifteen minutes. It was not just five dollars but it was trust based on which Alex had stepped into a new world. Slowly she got more work and she started earning $ 200,000 from weekends.  

    Alex applied English to French for nine more than five dollars, including translations in French, which he had expertise. The surprise was not a surprise when few people and companies made it available for work, which included two books translated from English to French. So Alex within a week earned $ 1,000. When he received this $ 1,000 dollar, he started crying for emotions. 

    He missed the day when he was being transferred to another state and was worried about his future and mother. Now she was ready to work completely freelance with seriousness. He increased his fee from $ 5 to $ 15 an hour. He also changed his life style. He turned a corner of the house into office where he used to work every day for eight to ten hours in his favorite hours. 

     He also gives time to parents and celebrates Saturday a week. In one year, he had just earned $ 33,000 by working on a website. After that, he made upwork and accounts on three other websites like him, and he got to work from there. In the second year, he also got a lot of work and he also increased his work fee, by working online freelance, he completed 48 hundred orders and earned $ 1.5 million. 

    It was eight times more money than he used to earn. Slowly his work grew so much that he had to take another room but had to take where he employed four people and joined him with a small company of online freelance companies, and that same year two years ago they was upset with spending and mother's care 'now it was financially prosperous. It's not only the United States but also in the world of the world.  

    This is the information technology that is increasingly changing the way people are not self-sufficient, but also to make money. According to an American report, the number of freelance workers working in the United States will increase by the number of freelancers in the United States just 20 percent, compared to traditional office job-only sixteen percent people.Will go to the offices that will work. Keep the United States aside 'I give you an example of Pakistan. 

    In a backward town in Punjab, a boy was a network administrator in a college lab for fifteen thousand rupees. His education was just FA, but he was also a specialist of networking and computer graphics. He has accelerated upwork and other similar websites and applied for five dollars an hour. 

    A few days later, a company asked him to make ten beautiful wallpaper based on natural scenes. He did this and his earnings started. His work was extremely standard, due to which the order also started to get faster. At that time, that boy is not only the job of the lab left but he has taken more than nine boys to work his own employers who are doing thousands of dollars monthly by working online freelance. This boy also made the reason for the e-employment program started in Punjab.  

    When his story reached the official IT Officers, he decided to give e-employment training to a wide range of unemployed youth in Punjab. E-employment centers were set up in the twenty-two districts of Punjab, where young men and women who have been performing high performance have earned a million dollars a year in training in a few months. Freelance online business is gaining a big boost. One reason for this is that there is no border nor lack of online freelance work.  

    If you visit any of these freelance websites, you will see thousands of offers. Someone needs to be transitioned to different languages, "somewhere blogging" blogging editing 'storage routing' designing 'proof reading' software software 'medical transcription' is a work of writing thousands of tasks Are waiting Our youngsters are more than sixty percent of this country's population. This is the momentum of the election. Unfortunately, most of them sit in the wait waiting for governments for a miracle and a job permit. They do not know their ability and skills.  

    The average age of youth in Pakistan is twenty-two years, whereas in the United States the same age is forty and twenty years in Japan. Youth has more passion and energy and work out new ideas, so youths are preferred in every country. Unfortunately, young people in Pakistan understand enough to do MA.  

    The world is changing Employment opportunities and style of education are also changing. We also have to change ourselves with them. Those who can benefit from young online internet websites can get training from projects such as e-employment and open the new curriculum. Now they went to the time when all the sixteen congregations and only one job was spent throughout life and later the pensions took place. 

    Now who does not update himself with the time can not live for four months, because traditional jobs are gradually eradicated throughout the world and with time they are ready to face difficulty. Should be I think the post case will be long, but I do it alone. Thank you for taking the time